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Low Sugar, Keto Friendly Yogurts

Low Sugar, Keto Friendly Yogurt One of the things I definitely miss from my eat-everything WOE is copious amounts of yogurt in my diet. Though, I never got full off a cup of yogurt despite my best efforts to jam pack it full of stuffs I really did like the texture. Or it could have been the 20+ grams of sugar I was consuming in eat serving!

Here are 3 yogurts that I found at my local natural grocery store, Rainbow Grocery. They are a bit pricey but this is a really authentic yogurt taste that is not your usual sugar bomb.

Here are our 3 contestants today with macros (bottom to top):
Norr Skyr (Organic Whole Milk): 130 calories; 5g fat; 16g protein; 5g carbs (4g sugar) Maple Hill (Grass Fed Greek style):  130 calories; 6g fat; 12g protein; 6g carbs (5g sugar) Peak (Triple Cream):  270 calories; 24g fat; 8g protein; 4g carbs (4g sugar)
So right off the bat, I am thinking that Peak is more keto friendly with the high fat. But I try to keep my food as delicious as possible so labels are not…