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Zazzi and Chunk: Eating Habits

Coincidentally, when I started my 5:2 way of eating I also just adopted 2 new kitties - Zazzi and Chunk.

Chunk is the gray and white blurry one and Zazzi is the orange and brown one that looks bored

When we first went to the San Francisco SPCA, Zazzi (10 months old) was flirting with my hubby (Mr. J) A LOT. She flopped over in front of the door as soon as he stepped up. I think she might have even winked at him! So of course we had to go in and visit.

When we were in her room, she was very friendly - walking past and rubbing up against both of us, stepping all over Mr. J. She would come visit me but CLEARLY she liked dear hubby... a lot - the SPCA volunteer with us even noticed Zazzi's fondness towards Mr. J,

On the other side of the room, taking a nap for about 30 minutes was Chunk (13 months old - also known as Chunky, Chunk Monster, Chunky Wunky). He was just chilling, hanging back. After a while he came by and said hello. Very nice, very friendly.

After an hour or so hanging with the kitties, we decided to adopt both of them. We were set on adopting both because based on all of our research and advice of the SPCA Volunteer, having two kitties produce better behaved older cats. Also, we figured it would alleviate our guilt when we end up leaving for half a day. Also it was a big bonus that they were already roommates so we didn't need to go through the process of introducing the cats to each other.

In the "holding room" while they get used to their new surroundings

So what do my cats have to do with the 5:2 diet?

Well Chunk LOVES, love, loves food. And he is a food bully. It took us a little while to figure it out. But once the cats were settled it he main area of the house I could monitor their eating habits a bit more. Chunk wolfs down his food. Then goes over to Zazzi's dish and literally pushes her out of the way and digs into her bowl.

And poor little Zazzi just gives up and walks away. And by the time she comes back all of her food is gone. No wonder she was still so skinny!

Basically, Chunk is a Wolfer and Zazzi is a Grazer.

As the weeks have worn on, I've been trying to get Chunk to stop eating Zazzi's food. Of course, I started to pay closer attention while they were eating and would shoo Chunk away from Zazzi's bowl. that worked well when I could devote my full attention to that sneaky bastard!

Also, we started to put Zazzi's bowl away in the cabinet once she abandoned it. We figured that if she was done eating that we shouldn't leave temptation in Chunk's path. That worked pretty well.

We then took it to the next level and reduced Zazzi's food to the amount that she could eat in one go. That was great because it took less monitoring time from me. And that is pretty much status quo for the last 3 weeks.

Chunk watching Zazzi eat .... very intently!

The downside is that now both of our cats are Wolfers and eat all of their food in one go. So the possibility of putting out a kitty buffet when we leave the house of an extended period of time is out of the question *le sigh*.

Over the weeks, Chunk settled in very nicely. His personality started to open up more - both in good and bad ways. He started to get into a lot more trouble - jumping up on counters, hopping into the dishwasher and sink but also he started to snuggle with us more!

~ mischievous cat ~
~ scratches are like crack ~

But Zazzi was a different story. At the very beginning she would cuddle and come up to nap with us. But that started to diminish over time. And she HATES to be petted and scratched. Oh and she will not tolerate being held. She is the exact opposite of Chunk.

The cats get along and play with each other all the time. We joke around and say that Chunk is our pet and Zazzi is Chunk's pet! But it does make me a little sad to think that she doesn't like us. I hope that's not the case. I just think she marches to her own drum and will take time for her to figure out our relationship.

~ no don't look at me ~

~ oh, you're still there ~

Today I had brain storm - maybe she's hungry. I know that I get a bit more irritable and am not as nice on my Fast Days. Also, when we had to put our previous cat on a diet, we was not as friendly until he got used to the lower calories. So, I'm doing an experiment today and increased her food to the same amount as we feed Chunk. I'll keep it at that level for a few weeks. I hope this makes her happier and more cuddly.

I'll keep you all updated on my little Wolfers!

 ~ Chunky Wunky ~

~ so relaxed ~


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