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Revving Up: Pre Work Out Meal - Spam & Eggs

~ spam and eggs - pre workout meal of champions! ~

My last lower body work out was a big one for me. Not only was I going up in weight in most of my exercises, I was also hitting PRs (personal records) in some of my big exercises.

I've been lifting heavy for about the last 5 years, starting off very modestly - barely curling 5 pounds. It took me several months to learn the basics of a deadlift. Due to flexibility issues and weakness in supporting muscles, I've struggled with alternatives to squats.

Until I found the Girls Gone Strong group, I hadn't seen many women lift heavy weights. And I had major psychological obstacles with what weight I could lift. Those large 45 pound plates were so intimidating.  Never did I think that I could lift even one, much less two or more of those weights!

So this last work out where I successfully and confidently moved 145 pounds in a stiff leg deadlift was a HUGE milestone for me.

Much of this success stemmed, of course, from years of steady, dedicated training with incremental increases in weight, proper recovery and breaks in training, and all that other good stuff that comes with a long term lifting program.

But I also think that this last work out was bolstered by the HUGE meal I had before training. At around 11 am, I had a 1,197 calorie meal! It didn't hit me how helpful this meal was going to be to my work out until i moved that heavy iron!

Here's what my brunch looked like:

Basically, it was a classic Hawaiian breakfast of Spam and Eggs over Rice with a Vietnamese coffee on the side. But a lot of of it.

The downside of this meal, as you can see, is the really, really high sodium content - almost my entire daily allowance! But the carbs and protein content really lasted and fueled me through out my work out. And the caffeine, *zing!*, gave me a little more pep in my step.

So this was my "secret weapon" in smashing my work out.

Now I don't suggest having a meal like this before every work out. But for work outs that you know will be challenging, a meal like this could really give you an edge.


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