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Faux Fried Chicken with Thai Jaew Sauce (the Best Sauce in the World!!!) - 724 calories

Faux Fried Chicken with Thai Jaew dipping sauce
Last night I wasn't interested in cooking anything elaborate. I turned to my good old stand by Faux Fried Chicken as inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Just Bento. It's so simple but incredibly tasty and juicy. This dish is in constant rotation because it's easy, requires hardly any ingredients, pairs well with anything you want to throw at it, and reheats very nicely.

At first, the long cooking times made me quite skeptical since I abhor dry chicken. But the skin keeps the chicken very moist. Also the long salting times flavors the interior of the meat and helps to retain moisture during cooking.

The most most important tip is to LINE the baking sheet with parchment paper before you start cooking. If not the fat will burn and smoke on the pan.

Speaking of fat, I always cook my chicken on a rack so the meat doesn't sit in a pool of rendered fat. And there will be a pool of fat…

Post Work Out Meal: Quickie Dinner - Pork Steak, Sweet Potato and Fried Egg - 468 calories

Pork Steak, Sweet Potato and Fried Egg
_________________________________________ Some days I just don't want to cook. But I have to eat especially on a work out day.
This meal was super easy with the help of my trusty Sous Vide Supreme for the pork. Before my work out I tossed in my pre-seasoned, pre-packed pork steaks at 132­­°F for 1 hour, cooked some rice in my rice cooker, and headed out to the gym. By the time I got home, the pork was ready to be seared and the rice was done.
All I had to do next was, microwave the washed and pricked sweet potato for 5 minutes and fry up an egg. Once the sweet potato was done, I peeled the skin off and cut it up into chunks. Sweet potatoes have so much flavor you really don't need to do anything more to them.
I topped it all off with some hot sauce (0 calories).
Easy peasy and tasty.

Fast Day #15: Rice Porridge & Salted Eggs - 277 calories

Rice Porridge & Salted Eggs

Last night, my girls called me up unexpectedly for a few drinkie poohs. Well it turned into a lot of drinkie poohs. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, the next morning proved to me very dramatically that it was not a good idea at all - not. at. all.
I went out with Mr. J for some sun and to grab a lunch. Our normal Vietnamese noodle shop is closed for remodeling and Little Saigon was closed off for a  festival any way. We ended up at the Metreon. Mr. J got a burger from Super Duper. But all I could stomach was a soft serve ice cream cone (115 calories).
Once we got back, I still had no appetite so I decided to make today a Fast Day. Lemons into lemonade!
Most Asian kids grow up eating rice porridge. When I was sick as a child, my mom would give a bowl of porridge with a tablespoon of sugar. My Chinese friends showed me the pleasures of pork floss and soy sauce. My favorite late night snack is ground pork …

Fast Day #14: Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Shells - 270 calories (FAIL)

Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt
Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Shells with Marinara Sauce
Since I had such a light lunch today, I figured I'd reach into the freezer for a pasta meal that I've been wanting to try. These stuffed shells from Trader Joe's (see above) look so inviting. It has carbs, veggies, cheese and tomato sauce! All the things I love.
But alas this entree succumbed to the most devastating flaw imaginable - small portion size. I mean really, really, really small. There were only 2 stuffed shells the length of my middle finger and about an inch wide at the chubbiest point. Two, two measly shells - this is not a good sign.
I heated up the entree according to the package directions. and this was what I was greeted with:

Not too appealing looking. But I'm not one to judge a dish by it's presentation. Gleefully, I dug in. To my dismay I was welcomed to  a hard shell, a mealy interior, and a too tart marinara sauce.

Fast Day #14: No Mayo Carrot Salad - 99.7 calories

No Mayo Carrot Salad
Carrot-palooza is still in full force over here. I was inspired by a recipe for Moroccan Grated Carrot and  Beet Salad but had to do a little tweaking to make it fit my calorie requirements. The beets and raisins had to hit the road. I mistakenly upped the honey but it turned out great so I'm going to leave it that way.

This is a very easy recipe that would pair very well with any meat, especially my recipe for the Best Nem Nuong, but grilled chicken would be great too.

This would be great as a potluck salad since there is no mayo and could sit at room temperature for a long time.

I didn't have any mint handy so I tossed in a little bit of peanuts to break up the monotony of the carrots. It was delicious but really high in calories. So you can decide what garnishes to put on based how many calories you have to spare.

The only drawback to this recipe is the grating of the carrots. I hate grating - it brings back chil…

Post Work Out Dinner: Sauteed Kale and Pork Steak - 524 calories

Kale with a side of Pork

After my big weight workouts I try to eat a big meal to ensure that my muscles are getting fed with adequate protein, carbs, fats, etc. Immediately after my workout I down a protein shake. My tummy has a hard time dealing with milk so I usually just mix my whey protein with water or drink a Muscle Milk Light that is already mixed and lactose free.

For dinner I like to keep it simple and generally go for a big slab of protein and a huge mound of carbs and maybe some veggies if I have them in the house. But this week I wanted to mix things up and see if I could get full and satisfied without my usually heaping helping of rice or potatoes replacing them with a small mountain of sauteed kale. Seriously, it was a lot of kale.

Boy was it delicious! I often forget how satisfying a mound of greens can be and so easy to make. Costco has a 4 pound bag of baby kale that is washed and ready to go making this side dish easy as can b…

Weighing In: 6 Week Results

Time has just flown by - I can't believe it's time for another weigh in.

I've been busy over here trying to maintain my 5:2 schedule and get enough calories to maintain my weight lifting routine and fitting in a yoga practice into it all. It's a balancing act alright but it's worth it.

I hit a personal PR (personal record) in my deadlifts - 145 pounds for 3 sets of 7, thank you very much. My dips are progressing slowly but they are progressing so I'm happy about that.

Yoga is feeling great. It's painful but satisfying to breathe into those tight muscles and feel them literally give way into a sweet wave of release - ahhhh. I'm a very inflexible person and every bit of flexibility that I do have is attributable to yoga. I will admit my yoga practice has been spotty over the years. And every time I return to my mat I think "Why don't I do more yoga?"

I'm lucky though because I have a somewhat solid foundation and a pretty good propriocep…